real estate agent avoid summer burn out


Summer is here and temperatures are rising. As a real estate agent, your stress levels may be rising as well, leading to summer burnout. The need to always be available to clients and the pressure placed on real estate agents to always close the sale is overwhelming to many. And far too often, real estate agents succumb to the heat, throw their arms up in the air, and turn in their keys. There has to be a way to avoid summer burnout.

Did you know that the real estate industry is ranked as one of the top 15 industries for burnout in the U.S.? However, there are many lifelong real estate agents who wake up each day with a smile as if they don’t have a care in the world. How do they avoid summer burnout? Let’s find out.

Understand what you want
The key to achieving balance in life is knowing what you want personally and achieving it. Sure, you want to be a successful agent, but more than likely you don’t want to sacrifice sleep, time with your family, and much needed “me” time in the process. Don’t get caught up in in office rankings and other’s expectations. Instead, prioritize what you want in life and focus on serving your clients to the best of your abilities. If you do, your stress levels will recede and you’ll understand that your business is meant to support your personal life and not the other way around.

Train your clients
True, you are working for your client, however, you cannot let them have complete rule over you, your privacy and your free time. Simply discuss up front how you like to conduct your business and you’ll be surprised at how smooth the relationship will be. Tell them your preferred method of contact and when they can expect their call to be returned. They will appreciate all directness, openness and honesty. Of course, you want to be accommodating and provide them with excellent service, but this will alleviate phone calls at 7:00 am or meetings at 9:00 pm after THEIR kids have been put in bed.

Create a system
All successful and seemingly stress-free real estate agents have one thing in common: they embrace technology and develop systems. The key to avoiding burnout this summer is developing a system that leverages your time and energy. The days of prospecting for leads, cold calling and simply posting a sign in a yard are over.

Today, you can achieve success and alleviate stress simply by creating an IDX website that features lead capture. You can then create auto responder messages and an email newsletter that will automatically be sent out to every prospect who visits your website. You don’t even need to know the first thing about the technology itself. Hire an assistant or use an agency to set up and manage the system. Now that’s using leverage!

With a little advertising, a system such as this puts your client generation on auto-pilot, allowing you to spend more time with friends and family. Your only challenge will be managing all of the new clients you’ll receive right out of the blue. However, if you train them and to respect your time, like in point number two above, you’ll be as cool as a cucumber while other agents are suffering from a meltdown.